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From: thinsmooth
Subject: Feeling Up My Friend"Feeling Up My nudist lolitas nude preteens Friend"
As a boy I had an active sex life. This is one
of my favorite experiences.Around the time I was 12 years old, I developed a
crush on Mark, the brother of my younger
brother's best friend. Mark was my age, and we
occasionally had the same classes in school. He
was athletic and good-looking, in a nudist lolitas nude preteens "country boy"
way. In fact, he did live in the country, in a
mosquito-infested coastal swamp, but it wasn't
boring. There was swimming, fishing, shooting
and long bike rides. Also, their mom was a better
cook than ours, and my brother and I often spent
weekends at our friends' house. Sometimes, they
spent a weekend with us, in town. Mark played
sports year-round, and as time went on he joined
the wrestling team. Mark was shorter than me,
and in one of the lower weight classes. Other
than height, our slim builds were similar, but I
wasn't a jock and didn't work out.Discretely, I took every chance to look at Mark's
naked upper body. Fortunately, there were many
chances, since running barefoot and shirtless was
practiced almost universally among boys where I
lived. Even before we started getting soft hairs
under our arms, Mark's muscle definition was
becoming noticeable. His skin was very pale and
smooth, though his shoulders were freckled from
exposure to the sun. His nipples were small and
perfectly flat, so that if you closed your eyes
and ran a finger across them you'd hardly notice
they were there... which brings me to the events
in this story.As we went through junior high hardcore latina lolita love
together, I became
increasingly attracted to Mark's hot body and
gentle personality. We were very close friends,
but I knew he was straight, so I didn't make any
moves on him. I had my first boy sex when I was
7, and told Mark about it, but he never responded
with a similar story of his own.Often these conversations took place when I was
spending the weekend at his house. His family was
very religious, which caused him to be very
sheltered and naive when I first knew him. While
he seemed interested in hearing about my own
experience, I was very selective in what I told
him. I didn't want him to call me a queer, or
tell any of the kids at school, OR.. tell his
parents! I altered most of my stories so as not
to disclose that I'd sucked another boy's dick,
or been fucked by older boys. All Mark knew was
that I'd received a few blow jobs from boys where
I'd lived in the past.Since Mark had no experience, I became a kind of
sex encyclopedia for him to reference whenever he
had a question. He asked me about pubic hair and
sperm before either of our bodies had produced
any. We'd discussed jacking off (I confessed to
doing it, he didn't), but there was never any
physical action between us.By the time we were both 14, my lust for Mark's
body was almost unbearable. Whenever I best teens lolitas virgen
around him I was greedily snatching covert looks
at his boyishly muscled pecs, abs, biceps, and
shoulders. Heaven was when we went skinny
dipping...by then I'd already watched him get a
small bush... and I had free looks at his cut
pecker, and sizeable nutsack. If I was spending
the night at Mark's house, I'd daydream all day
about just a few seconds I might have to glimpse
his cock at bedtime.It got very hot in the summer, but their house
was well air-conditioned, especially at night.
The good news was, it was easy to sleep. nn models cute loli The bad
news was, the window a/c only had two settings,
"on" and "off", and it was often so russian lolita boys bbs
cold in the
boys' bedroom that we buried ourselves under
blankets so as not to freeze. I usually slept in
the twin bed next to Mark's, and our younger
brothers slept in the living room (their family
went to bed early), or in a tent outside.One night at Mark's house my sexual frustration
was especially intense. We'd asian lolitas young nude
spent the lolita preteen boy pthc
hot summer
day bike riding, and I'd been drooling over
Mark's body the whole time.Besides jacking off, I hadn't had any sex since
my family had moved to town several years
earlier. His parents were gone, and left us in
charge of ourselves that weekend. I was desperate
to take advantage of the lack of adult
supervision to interest Mark in the subject of
sex, but wasn't detecting any interest on his
part. After a dinner of hot dogs we watched the
late movie with our brothers before Mark and I
retired to the boys' bedroom to sleep. After he
closed the bedroom door and turned off the light,
we undressed in the over-cooled darkness, changed
into pajamas, and dove under the covers.We were both tired, and Mark went to sleep right
away. I lay awake for a long time, looking at
Mark's blanketed silhouette against the moonlit
window. It was impossible to see under the
blanket, where Mark lay on his back, arms
alongside, legs extended flat. I stared hard,
but no matter how much I willed it, Mark didn't
kick off his covers in the cold room.Sometime past midnight I was still awake, with an
aching hard-on. I eventually realized I would
have to relieve my sexual tension before I'd be
able to sleep, so I started to jack off. One good
thing about the air conditioner they had was that
it was very loud, so it was easy to move around
in bed without being heard. As I stroked my
throbbing meat I continued looking at Mark's dark
form in the bed next to mine. After a few
minutes my lust for Mark became so strong, I
decided to take a crazy risk. I reasoned that I
could cop a feel off Mark while he was asleep and
get away with it. I called xicas guarras lolitas amateur his name several
times, loud enough to be heard over the a/c fan,
but got no reply and saw no movement.Even before I slipped to the floor and crawled
the short distance to Mark's bedside in the cold
room, I was trembling with anticipation. His
covers hung over the side of the bed, making it
easy to slip my hands inside. His body heat told
me my fingers were close to his unsuspecting
flesh. I lifted my right hand high enough to
make the blanket tent slightly, easing my
progress toward Mark's crotch and lower abdomen.
He lay flat fresh lolita kiss gallery
on his back, motionless as I hovered
above his pajama-clad package.First contact through his flannel bottoms
revealed that he wasn't hard. I rested my hand
lightly on his groin for several minutes, nudging
his soft organ with my fingertips, trying to get
a physical response without waking Mark up.
He still didn't move, but he wasn't getting hard
either, so I moved my fingers up to the snap on
his waistband, and forced it open with my thumb
and forefinger. I repeated that action on the
lower snap securing his fly, and pulled the two
sides of his flannel bottoms wide open under the
blanket.Mark was naked under his pajamas, and remained
motionless while I delicately ran my fingertips
through the silky pubic hair, at the base of his
soft, heavy penis. Using my left hand and arm on
the bed to support my reach, I slowly moved my
right hand up his torso, gently feeling up his
taut belly and chest as I unbuttoned his flannel
top. By the time my fingers reached Mark's flat
nipples, my arm extended in a line from my elbow,
down by his pubes, upwards along my forearm, to
his wide, flat pecs. From there my hand moved side
to side across his chest, fanning out to his
armpits and biceps. I continued this fondling and
stroking, careful to monitor the up-and-down
movement of his breathing for any signs of waking.
After I'd laid open his pajamas it was so easy to
feel Mark up, and I took my time.I'd mostly avoided his dick at first, afraid to
wake him, but it was becoming more difficult to
restrain myself as he showed only signs of deep
sleep. Eventually my arm grew heavy, so I moved my
hand back down to his lower belly and pubes. It
was then that I began to softly massage his heavy
penis. It slowly responded, taking a long time to
become fully erect, when finally it locked into
place laying flat against his stomach. The heat
from it was much stronger than I'd felt Mark's
body give off up to that point, making me worry he
could wake up any moment. Still, he lay
motionless, so I continued slowly exploring every
inch of his throbbing cock and balls. His dick
would begin to soften unless stroked, but I found
it was especially effective to gently but firmly
pinch the spongy head, which seemed function as a
kind of blood-pump, which helped keep him boned
longer. After that I could let my hand linger
between his legs, rolling his plump, hairless
balls between my fingers.I'd been molesting my sleeping friend for over an
hour, finally beginning to tire, and still he
hadn't moved from his tits-up position under his
covers. Though I'd deferred jacking off up to
that point, I did periodically enlist one hand to
massage my straining hard-on, always returning to
my oblivious victim's involuntary erection. I was
well past ready to bring myself to orgasm and go
to sleep, but I couldn't bear to lose this
fantastic access to Mark's nude body.
Suddenly the rhythm of Mark's breathing changed,
and his legs nude female lolita models shifted, so I pulled out from under
the blankets. I had just pulled free when Mark,
still on his back, bent his knees and left them
upright, making a huge tent in the covers. He
immediately moved one hand to his crotch and
seemed to be adjusting his loose package, then
rested both hands on top of the covers, high up on
his chest. From where his hands lay, his blanket
sloped upwards towards his slightly spread knees.
I considered what else I wanted to do to Mark
before inducing my own orgasm, and gave in to the
urge to roll the dice again. I decided to put my
head under the tent formed by his knees. It was a
rash choice, and inconsistent with my usual
aversion to danger, but I shut out the voice of
caution and inserted my upper body under the heavy
covers. Propped on my elbows, I tried to get deep
enough inside the covers to plug any opening that
might let cold air in to wake Mark up. This
worked, and I also found I could hold my head
almost upright directly over his groin, under the
tent formed by his knees. I couldn't see anything
at all, but I knew his position from the way his
body made contours in the blanket. I didn't touch
him for a few minutes, trying to monitor his
breathing. But it was very difficult to sense the
movement of his chest without touching him, so I
gingerly laid the side of my face across his upper
belly, and patiently confirmed that his breathing
was slow, and even. I struggled to retain self-
control. I would have been humiliated had Mark
caught me, and that fear helped keep me on my
guard. He hadn't moved since raising his knees,
and I became more confident he'd resumed a deep
sleep. I carefully lifted my head, slipping it
further up Mark's body, finally resting ever-so-
lightly against his naked chest and lower ribs.
His hands, holding the blanket against his upper
chest, blocked any further progress in that
direction.After a few minutes inhaling his intoxicating boy-
smells I reversed direction, sliding my head
backward toward his lower belly. It was starting
to get stuffy under all the bedclothes, and I was
beginning to feel claustrophobic. As soon as I
had enough clearance under the tented covers I
turned my head to face Mark's groin, and found
breathing was much easier. lolita top 50 websites Once again, I laid the
side of my face gently against his taut belly. In
the blackness I couldn't see whether his dick had
stayed hard while I was exploring his chest. I
slid my face, now sweating, about an inch further
down his belly. Suddenly my curiosity was
satisfied when I felt the swollen head of Mark's
hard teen meat pressed against my nose and cheek.
I froze, trying to detect any breathing signs that
might indicate Mark was awake. I didn't want to
move my face, so I raised my left hand to feel for
breathing patterns. Again finding no signs that
he was awake, I left my hand on his ribs, just in
case.I turned my attention to his imposing cock, still
touching my face. It trembled perceptibly with
his heartbeat, which I monitored with my left
hand. I laid very still, soaking up the musky
smell that came from between Mark's legs. I'd
already felt him up good down there, so the next
logical step was to take his cock into my mouth.
All I had to do was extend my tongue and shift my
neck slightly, and I could lick almost the entire
length of Mark's hot bone. I licked and nuzzled
his dick for several minutes, still resting my
face on his lower belly. His cock swelled and
rose higher off his stomach, hovering above my
face. It began to quiver at the touch of my
tongue, and I lifted my head to take the head
between my slippery lips. We'd had baths before
bed, but I could still taste his muskiness, and it
made me want more. I didn't wait long before
lowering my face further down his twitching pole.
Being experienced, I knew not to let xicas guarras lolitas amateur my teeth
touch his skin, but besides keeping my body weight
off of him, I took no extra precautions to avoid
waking him. What followed was a good old
fashioned blowjob, as deep and sensual as I could
blindly manage in my awkward position under Mark's
stuffy covers. I was lost in the taste and smells
of his boy-sex.His cock was about the same size as mine... not a
monster, but wide enough that it stretched my jaws
open, and long enough to push past the back of my
mouth, into my throat if I'd let it. I tried it a
couple of times, but couldn't get the right angle,
and I was afraid I'd fall on Mark if I wasn't
careful. I slowed down and took it nice and easy,
pausing frequently to check for chest movement
that might indicate he was awake. The whole time
he remained motionless, on his back, knees forming
a nasty big-top for my daring performance.While the action was slow, my mind was moving
fast. I wasn't sure whether to continue the blow
job I was giving Mark all the way to an orgasm,
and risk waking him up. In the meantime, I knew
that my cocksucking was pretty good, and that if
this had been any normal waking boy, he'd be close
to cumming by now. I slowed down even further,
taking my mouth off entirely. I waited a minute
before reaching out my tongue to see if Mark's
cock had softened any. It was now hovering lower
over his belly. I waited until it was laying flat
on his stomach before slipping it between my lips
and lowering my head back down on it once again.
At the touch of my lips, it jumped up to enter my
warm mouth, twitching with arousal. Mark seemed
to be very close to ejaculating, and in the
interest of preserving our friendship, I forced
myself to my own bed. Reluctantly I breathed the
cold fresh air, sadly wishing I could return to
the moist, stuffy tent under his knees.I'd no sooner slipped into bed, than I saw Mark's
shadowy outline sit straight up, head turned
toward me, and heard his voice, raised to overcome
the hum of the a/c: "Come back here, man. Why'd
you stop?" Were it not for his commanding,
somewhat desperate tone, the shock would have
paralyzed me. Though struck speechless, I
obediently slipped out of my bed and back into
his. Mark was on his back again, his pajamas
still laying open where I'd left them, and I slid
my upper body up across his crotch and tight belly
until I could lay my head on his smooth chest. He
didn't say anything either, but he slipped his
arms under my flannel pajama shirt and let his
hands languidly stroke my ribs and back. After
marinating in this bliss for a minute, Mark moved
his hands to my shoulders and nudged me firmly
below, submerging my head under the covers,
following the same course I'd mapped earlier in
the evening.He came in my mouth three times that night, and,
in the morning, Mark would fuck me twice before
our brothers awoke.

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